Maternity Coaching

We support employees through pregnancy, maternity leave and on return to work; through our 1-1 maternity coaching and comprehensive group workshops

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Support for Working Dads

We work with 'expectant', new and current dads in small groups and in larger, ‘auditorium-style’ presentations and focus on work/life balance issues

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Manager Support

We provide managers with all the support they need to confidently manage someone through maternity or paternity, in our 1 or 2-hour workshops. We also provide a 30-minute online self-learn module, which provides timely knowledge for busy managers.

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Career Coaching

Not just limited to parents, our qualified coaches offer 1-1 and group coaching for anyone wishing to progress in their careers

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Maternity Mentoring

Our workshops will help create an internal pool of competent, supportive maternity coaches, who can coach and support new mums in the business

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Working Parent Lunch & Learn Programme

Available for parents at all stages of parenthood, the 1-hour seminars are presented by our Panel of Experts and aim to inspire and provide practical tools for immediate application

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